Founder Message

Knowing our purpose in life is key

The families DACAM serves in Kotogo Slum and Lugazi live in abject poverty. They are squatters on government land. Land that is flooded and swamp-like during rainy seasons. Many are single mothers whose husbands abandoned them with unpaid rent, hungry little mouths, and not a shilling for school fees. With no time to grieve, they find small odd jobs to make ends meet. These people are incredibly hardworking, yet the ends often don’t meet and little bellies rumble. What they lack in knowledge they make up for in heart. I’ve found them in the most dire circumstances laughing and dancing about some small thing that made their day. It doesn’t take much!


When I met these families, I didn’t know what I could accomplish, but I knew I had a choice. Help these people or ignore them. I chose to help and I’m asking you to do the same.


What they need is simple…an opportunity! A small investment of time and training. You see, we don’t want to just give a hand out. We want to give a hand up!


We will walk with these friends to meet their spiritual and emotional needs. Will you walk with us to help meet their physical needs and provide opportunities for them to become self-sustaining?


Once they have a skill and the necessary tools, we will help them find ways to make an income to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads. This helps them find new purpose and meaning in life. It empowers them to take responsibility and ushers in the great power of HOPE! The love they will feel upon receiving your gift can not be counted with mere numbers. It is so much more than that! It is an infusion of love that propels them forward and provides a foundation of support to build on.


Together, we can help create breakthrough in the lives of families who have experienced generations of poverty. We can help them find their purpose and discover that they are capable of so much more! Will you help us train and equip this generation and the next to lead lives of purpose, leaving legacies of loving provision.