Jennifer Kabugo’s Story

Jennifer is a single mother who lives in Gaba with her two children. She makes a living through washing clothes in her community. Given the inconsistency in her line of work, she barely has enough to eat and many a time she’s behind on her rent.

Thanks for the Liquid soap teaching program at Develop A Child Africa Ministries, where she enrolled, acquired the skill and also got some raw material to start making her own soap. With hard work she has grown it from just making a litre a week to 40 litres of liquid soap a week.

This helps her earn consistently on a weekly basis hence she can pay rent, save and also buy basic needs for her and the children. She also made a lot of friends from her clientele

Acquiring the skill and venturing into the Liquid soap making business has drastically improved her life and the life of her children as she doesn’t have to go days without food, doesn’t have to go a week without earning and always being behind on her rent. She’s very grateful to everyone that had a hand in to see that this program is provided for free.

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