Mercy Ministry

We care for families in dire need
Families in Katogo slum and in Lugazi have a hard time meeting their basic needs.
Many are single moms, widows, and orphans.
Oftentimes, they are simply out of work and cannot find a steady job or don’t have an education that would allow hem to obtain one. DACAM doesn’t want to continue the cycle of poverty by being a constant source of relief, but we do want to come alongside those who have a current need and show them the love of Christ with some support in the form of food, clothing, medical treatment, rent or counseling.

After the current basic needs are met, we take time to know them and their families in order to incorporate them into other types of training we offer that will get them on the road to self- sufficiency. A road that returns their dignity and worth, while giving all the glory to God.

These supplies often come from generous donations that people bring over when they visit or monetary support sent in for this specific purpose. We even receive local donations from family and friends.

Currently, 100 have been served through Mercy Ministry. $200/month will feed 100 children a week with a cup of millet porridge. $100 provides 150 pieces of gently-used clothing for children.

What we need?
Clothing & other basic needs