Skill Development

Sow into her futureā€¦
Teach Her to Sew!

In addition to sending children to school, DACAM supplements their education with basic life skills. Skills that were once passed on within families and communities have been lost through the years as families have lost important role models these last two generations due to HIV/AIDS and decades of civil wars. Classes of ten are trained twice a week for five months. Upon completion each person receives a certificate.

Even yet-to-be sponsored children, older-than-average students and adults participate in these programs and begin to use these skills to earn an income for their families as well.

Diversity is key here in Uganda. Having multiple ways of making an income is the best chance at having a consistent income as seasons and times change availability, access, and growth. Skill training offered:

Music (Drums, Guitar, and Piano)
English (Speaking, Reading, and Writing) Hair braiding

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