Sheila Kiwanuka’s Story

Sheila is a mother of two children, married and apparently a house wife. She was among the very first students to enroll for the liquid soap making program.

After finishing the class and  receiving raw material, she started small, 8 months down the road her small venture has grown and enjoys an increase in sales as her consumer base has also grown. She has reinvested most her profits and she says the business already broke even and enjoys her returns.

From her small workspace at home she is able to produce about 30 litres of liquid soap every week. Her husband has also been supportive to see to this growth

From this project she makes just enough to pay part of her family’s rent and also buy some home necessities sharing the financial load between her and husband whose work   hasn’t been the same since  the pandemic. She plans to start a small kiosk from where to display and sell her soap from and she is slowly saving up for it.
She is thankful to everyone that gave a hand to see this program happen.

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