For $35 a month you can be able to provide a child with Education, Medical Basic needs and Mentorship and discipleship

Check out the children that are on our waiting sponsor list. 


Our desires is that children grow up in a creatively stimulating environment that will nurture their potential. Because of this, with your monthly sponsorship of $35/month (primary students) or $60/month (secondary students)  we provide:

  • This provides Education for a child.

  • Medical Support for a child that can be able to have best treatment 

  • Mentorship and guidance through their daily challenges 

  •  Spiritual Development for a proper growth of Child.

 What you receive?  

You will receive a video of your child within one month of sponsorship, we will also send you the child and their family with a small biography and a personalized letter.
You will also receive a new photo, letter and report after every term(every 3-4months).