Angel Nakanywagi

Angel Nakanywagi

Age: 13.00 years
Dream: Teacher
Grade Level: Primary 3
Location Ggaba, Katogo

Angel stays with her 62year old grandmother Christina Nabowa who takes care of her through the support gotten from the community and well-wishers since she’s got no job and given that she’s got some mental challenges

The family lives in one of the worst Ghettos in Uganda called Katogo which is infested with all kinds of drug abuse, sexual abuse, violence which makes little Angel vulnerable.

Angel goes to a substandard school called Gaba Progressive Primary School and attends primary three. She loves school and is passionate about her studies even though she is mostly out of school due to lack of school fees as the support the grandmother gets from the community can’t sustain her through school.

Her favorite subjects are social studies and English and she also loves reading books and playing with friends when out of school.

Her favorite color is yellow.

Angel wants to be a teacher after school. She thinks by being one she will be able to give hand to those children who have challenges with acquiring education.


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