Mother saved and the Children

Meet Naka a 22 years old mother who lives in “Kasokoso” village, a remote place. Naka is a mother of two beautiful twins. During pregnancy,She had no hope for her children because her husband ran away when she was three months pregnant. She had given up on hope and thought that the road to redemption for her children had ended. In all her efforts, she has worked so hard to see that her children live a health and a better life. Her main work is to move around the village looking for people to wash clothes for. since the place that she stays in is a remote area without access for such jobs, no good roads, no power lines, no shops, no church and no good accommodation and good delivery these basic need for two little angels. It was hard for her to receive medical help for her twins and for her children to grow up in a better healthy environment.
Naka was apart of Develop a Child Africa Ministry but she had never shared her story and the situation shes was going through but but through our counselling sessions she got to open up and shared with us which we thank God. For a full year she had been taking care of these precious babies through medication and feeding. The doctors in the village told her that the babies were okay and yet they were malnourished and had lost a lot of weight . Our involvement with this family has has improved on the lives of this family from the mother to the babies. We have been able support them through medication, feeding and clothing.

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