Juliet’s Successful Story

Juliet Nantambi, a widow and mother of four lives in Katogo with her family. She has lived a life of a single-mother ever since her husband passed on due to drowning in lake Victoria in 2009. Ever since her husband’s demise, she has lived to see her children struggle to have a good education and also stay in school due to inadequacies. The eldest of Miss. Nantambi’s children is meant to go to University, but this cannot be possible due to the very large expenses that have to be paid at university. With all these responsibilities, Miss Nantabi remains unemployed and therefore it gets so hard for her to cater for all the basic needs of the family.
Her health condition has also made her daily home activities and work very difficult, her arm’s muscles often swell and the sores hurt.

The situation of her shelter is progressively worsening since it is a slummy area, and in the occurrence of rain, the floods fill her house therefore making settlement impossible. With the government policies, it is illegal to stay in such areas, and warnings are cast forth to Nantambi and other families on on this settlement to vacate it but since she has no other place to be she has to stay hence an uncertain future awaits for the family.
With the little she gets from trying out petty jobs, she is greatly thankful to the Lord for helping her survive and live, breath and have all her children with her. She doesn’t take the grace and the Love of God for granted. Juliet Nantambi now testifies of the partnership DACAM and AOLU staged and provided her with training and skills of sowing and knitting of clothes, using cotton materials to upgrade it into neatly weaved clothes. She can now earn a living from the little money she gets from this skill. However with this little money, she tries as much as possible to find ways of paying the school fees for her children but the weight is to huge for her to carry alone. Juliet’s joy is incomprehensible; she lives to give the Glory back to God for this trainings program. Many mothers in Katogo and other regions of Uganda have not had this opportunity, but as DACAM, we are the change that lives everyday, working hard with our partners to see a transformation in these families. YOU reading this can be part of this transformation through your support in form of prayers, contributions and so-much more. May God bless you as you influence communities for a massive change.