A concrete help for a better and kind world

Why sponsor a child?

We have many children that come from despired homes, communities and street that don't have resources to be able to get to school. We believe that education can be a training ground to help children break the cycle of poverty and be self-sustaining, With the proper education a child stands a better chance find their way through.

What happens when I choose my sponsored child?

Choosing your sponsored child is the first step of accepting to make a difference. #Find the name of the child that you want to sponsor. #Fill out the form #submit it and #then subscribe to take your child to part of your family. It’s not about money it is the difference and the impact that you want to create in this child’s life to improve it. If you prefer us to choose for you a child, our sponsorship coordinator can work on that. You just have to send us a mail on childfund@developachildafrica.org

3. What does my monthly sponsorship do?

The monthly sponsorship helps to take care of School; School materials, School Tuition, Feeding, Medical, Skill development, Counseling and mentor-ship, Bible training, Housing, Feeding at home, English classes and other basic needs.

Do I get updates on my child?

You will receive three letters in a year writing by your child, a photo of your sponsored child, a video or even sometimes we can organize a video call so you can interact with your child and updates on their accomplishments. These can forward to you buy our sponsorship coordinator or someone who interacts daily with your sponsored child.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

It's very possible for you be connected with another child to be sponsored, You can drop a mail to our sponsorship coordinator, him/her know about this. There is never enough that is why we need any help we can get so that we can save many lives

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Of course you can. Please let us know by sending us an email so that we can be ready and do a proper arrangement for you enjoy the stay with your sponsored child. For any more information please visit our website or call us.

What if I just want to support DACAM in general?

You can partner with us however you like, we are ok for you to give where you feel you are lead to bring an impact in the life in a child or a family, This can be in many areas like to our program page to see this.  Many people choose to sponsor food, education, medical, etc.   One might choose to sponsor one time, monthly or yearly “wherever is needed, we welcome that. All this goes to the development of lives or really life change for really people.”

Each donation is essential to us

Each child's life is testimony, with the support that you rend to these vulnerable children you help give them hope. Where hope is there is life.

Creating an opportunity for children to have access to a better education.

Providing basic necessities in life for our children 

helping to go through their day today life. 

Availing accessing to medical support for our children

Naturing children into the word of God 

Naturing children’s talents through Music, Sing, Guitar,  Piano 

Write us for more information on donations