Health Outreach

Each year we host two outreaches, one in Katogo slum and one in Lugazi. We gather approximately 100 people in each location to offer minor medical care, including treatment for malaria and worms in addition to HIV testing. We also remove jiggers (small parasites in the dirt) from hands and feet.

Before anyone receives care, we give a general teaching with illustrations on general hygiene to demonstrate the proper cleanliness of hands, bodies, and homes.

Because we care about each person’s social, economical, physical and spiritual development, we also offer counseling during these outreaches to help families resolve large and small personal and family issues.

As we have time and enough volunteers, we also go meet with individuals in their homes after everyone has received the needed services. If we find that someone needs additional medical attention, we work with them to find a health center that can take care of their medical needs.

Each outreach costs $4000.
Will you help us offer an outreach this year?