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Our desire is to see that children acquire the best education, Medical care and Basics needs, So that they can lead lives of Transformation in their communities


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Skill Development

DACAM supplements their education with basic life skills. Skills that were once passed on within families and communities


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Becomes a


COVID-19 and Flood Relief

Seven months ago (September 2019) floods came to the shores of Lake Victoria and extended to the nearby places which are close to the lake. Katoogo is one of nearest and the most affected area with floods.  katoogo Slum is located in the central area of Kampala district which is the capital city of Uganda. 90% of the people who live in Katoogo have been covered up with the floods. Many have become homeless, some have lost lives due electricity wires and polls that fell in the water, Drowned and died, many have lost their small businesses and many others issues. This as a result left many homes in this slum covered up in floods.

COVID- 19 affected a lot of people in our community. At present we at Develop a Child Africa Ministries are concerned with preventing health problems and reducing infection risks, alleviating food shortage, supporting people who have lost their meagre incomes lost their house etc.  Temporarily, crisis response on our agenda to support those that are affected through this period.


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COVID-19 AND Flood Relief.

Stand with us to save many lives in our vulnerable community. We can share a gift of love

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We have several projects that we are trying to complete and we ask that yoher u stand with us so that we can be able to achieve these. We can do more if we all work together to achieve the same goal.


A land that will help reach out to many lives with the establishment of sustaining projects, church, schools, training centers, offices. farmers

We are planing on bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in this remort communty by building a water wall for them so that

Children might be interested in many things, but you have something much more valuable to offer them through the life style: a chance to exercise

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Your choice today help to impact a child's life for ever. Sponsorship gives the children an opportunity to be leaders that can bring change in all spheres of life. This programs provide a child with Education, Medical, Counselling and Basic needs.

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Every penny that you donated goes to a real life story bring changing in the lives of those that need it the Most. You more than well to part of this amazing Journey.

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