Rose’s Successful Story

It’s very evident that from around her homestead, Nabweteme Rose is a small-scale farmer (majorly doing subsistence farming). The gardens around her house, the goats, pigs and chicken show that she has tried investing in rearing domestic animals.

From the village of Nsenya, this widow lives with her grandchildren and her community is sparsely populated. With her age of 60, you can tell that Rose is very helpless, old and weary. With her investments, she tries so hard to support her grandchildren but all in vain, she seeks for support.

Rose goes an extra-mile to sell off the products meant for home use and with the little money earned, she buys basic home requirements for her grand children. The food for her household is insufficient sometimes; she also struggles to provide sauce for her home. This indeed is a burden for a woman as old as her, without a job or even energy to work this hard year in, year out. She is a believer and she loves and she never ceases praying to God to intervene for her grandchildren.
Of the many grandchildren she has, some of them are very young and need extra attention and care. In times when they have no meals, they live on fruits and vegetables from the gardens. DACAM alongside Acts of love Uganda have helped brighten Nabweteme’s life by giving her some pigs and goats to rear so as to widen her small animal farm. More so, providing with her foodstuffs for daily feeding of her family. She appreciates the love and support from our partners and friends. Some of the community members of Nsenye village have also been supported with foodstuffs and animals to rear. This is what we do, joining the hopeless families, standing with them in times of insufficiency and filling the gaps. Join us as we empower families.

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