Salima Nakalema’s Story

Salima is single mother of 6 children. Her husband left her when they hit rock bottom during the toughest of the pandemic. During that time, she was on the wall as she had no work and still had to pay rent and feed the kids. It seemed like there was no light at the end of the tunnel as they eat very little just to survive. Life was hard.

During that course of time her friend encouraged her to join the liquid soap class with hopes that she would learn something to help her push through this financial depression since she had no job. From the class she made friends, learned liquid soap making and later got raw materials. She immediately started producing soap as she saw this business as her only way to survive as it promised income which meant food for her children and paying rent.

She devoted all her energy to it and few months down the road the business is able to feed her and the children and also pay rent from it’s returns

She is so thankful and she believes the knowledge and skill she got was the best thing that happened to her all year and through the pandemic because it gave her the opportunity to earn and take care of her family. For that she’s very thankful to everyone that gave a hand to see that this class happens

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